Premium Biodynamic Wines

Green Cellar Wines is a boutique wine merchant in London, offers premium biodynamic wines. Our wines are sourced out from the award wining wineries with long history of producing biodynamic wines. The range of our biodynamic wines comes from Talijancich Winery in the Swan Valley in Western Australia. Talijancich has got a long reputation of producing premium fortified wines. Talijancich Wines are synonymous with great character and complexity and are renowned for producing Verdelho, Shiraz and luscious aged Liqueurs. They were the first winery in WA to Achieve biodynamic certification.

  • Talijancich Winery

    Three generations of winemakers are behind the reputation of Talijancich Wines, Which Was established in 1932. Situated in the heart of the Swan Valley, the winery is owned and operated by winemaker, James Talijancich and his wife, Hilda.

    Talijancich is synonymous with great character and complexity and is renowned for award-winning wines including Verdelho, Shiraz and luscious, aged Fortified Liqueurs. Using only the Swan Valley fruit, each vine is nurtured by hand and biodynamic principles are upheld.

    They won many awards including Gold Medals in IWSC 2014, The Best Wine Exhibitor at the 2015 Swan Valley Show, Lewin Estate Awards, ANZ Wine industry awards and more.

  • Swan Valley, Western Australia 

    Swan Valley is the oldest wine producing region. The climate is shaped by the hot dry summer - it is one of the warmest grape growing regions in Australia. Despite this many are unirrigated vineyards, especially the older ones.

    There is little disease as a result of the lack of humidity, and most vineyards would qualify as organic if herbicides were not used to control weeds.  There are three main soil types. On the western side of the Swan River is sandy swampy country. Along the river are deep alluvial loams - the most productive soils. To the east, between the river flats and the Darling Range are the tough laterite soil - gravelly clay loams over coffee rock.

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